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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Off To Search Engine Strategies London 2006

I'm off to SES London 2006 tomorrow.

Search has certainly come a long way since I attended my first SES London event in 2000 when I worked at Nokia.

At that time the only pay per click options available were through and lots of people still hadn't heard of Google!

How times change!


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Audio Interview With Andy Beal, Fortune Interactive

Here is the recent audio interview with Andy Beal, President & CEO of Fortune Interactive, a Search Marketing firm based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The interview with Andy was interesting because not only did he talk about the company he co-founded in September 2005 but he also talked about the culture of the company and how they all work together as a team.

He also went into detail about the kind of attributes he looks for when recruiting new employees and even gave out some hints and tips on how to impress him if you were to apply to work at Fortune Interactive. So if you plan to apply to Fortune Interactive make sure you listen to the interview first!



Monday, February 20, 2006

Considering A Career In Search Engine Marketing?

Careers In Search Engine Marketing Article

With the continued growth in the number of vacancies in the search engine industry it seems that there are many jobs remaining unfilled because there are not enough people with the right experience?

We have today added an article to the site aimed at people who maybe considering a career in search engine marketing.

Considering A Career In Search Engine Marketing?

Have you ever considered a career in Search Engine Marketing but you don't really understand what the industry covers and the kind of job opportunities that are available?

The purpose of this article is to help explain the different types of opportunities that exist, and the background and experience that you might need to for a successful career move into the Search Engine Marketing industry.

Search Engine Marketing Jobs

Although the title of this article is "Considering A Career In Search Engine Marketing" it is important to stress that there are in fact two different areas within "search", namely: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Advertising.

Industry experts have mixed views as to how "search" should be defined but for the purposes of this article Search Engine Marketing covers both Search Engine Optimization (also known as natural search) and Search Engine Advertising (also known as pay per click, sponsored or paid search).

Background To Search Engine Growth

It seems that the Internet has been around forever and that using a search engine to look for information is now a normal day to day activity. However, it is easy to forget that Yahoo! will only be celebrating its 11th birthday in March 2006 and that Google will only be celebrating its 8th birthday in September 2006. You only need to look at the number of additional products and services that they both offer today to see how fast the industry has grown!

When the search engines first launched, their results pages were based on their own proprietary algorithms. As the importance of the search engines to web site owners increased so did the desire to be highly ranked in the search engine results. This lead to the growth of SEO companies who would offer a service to optimize a web site to maximise its rankings in the search engine results.

As a result of the launch of the first Pay Per Click Search Engine by in 1998 (now known as Yahoo Search Marketing) this lead to an opportunity for SEO companies to add another service by managing the Pay Per Click campaigns for their clients. In addition, it also led to new SEM companies starting up who only specialised in managing Pay Per Click campaigns.

Of course, wherever there is growth in an industry there is also opportunity and none more so than the job opportunities that are now being created as a result of the phenomenal growth of the Internet and search engines.

Where Are The Job Opportunities?

As well as job opportunities within the Search Engine Marketing companies it is becoming more common to see some traditional marketing and advertising agencies offer search engine related jobs. In addition, there are now specialist digital media companies providing search engine marketing services. Corporate employers are also beginning to recruit their own Search Engine Marketing specialists to work in-house and this trend is expected to keep on growing.

What Type Of Skills And Attributes Will You Need?

The type of skills and attributes required will very much depend on how specialist the job role is and also the level of the job. Although many companies will want experience in the job discipline, others will be looking for well-motivated, flexible individuals with both the ability and desire to learn fast.

For the more technical roles (for example a Search optimizationisation Specialist) a technical background in HTML, programming or IT maybe required although the level of background required will vary from company to company

For the more marketing related roles (for example managing a large Pay Per Click campaign for a client) good business skills, an analytical and enquiring mind, creativity, lateral thinking and solid product and project management skills are always good attributes to have. These transferable skills may have been gained from a wide range of experiences across different industries.

However, one overriding attribute to have is the ability to deal with change. Things change so quickly within the search engine industry, with new products and services launched on a regular basis as well as updates to the search engine’s algorithms, that you have to be able to respond quickly and analyse what the various changes will mean to your clients.

Do I Have Enough Experience?

Bear in mind that there are not many people within the industry with more than five years experience of paid search or ten years experience of searchoptimizationmisation because the industry is very much still in its infancy! Therefore, if you have limited search engine industry experience many companies (big and small) may be willing to provide their own training programmes for you if you show the desired aptitudes and attitudes.

In addition, companies may also look favourably at applicants with experience of working in a specific business sector or client group as they already have an appreciation, knowledge and understanding of their market sector.

In Summary

If you are looking for a change of industry in your existing role within Sales, Project Planning, Account Management, Business Development etc., or you are looking to learn some new skills in a fast moving industry, there are some exciting career opportunities available within Search Engine Marketing.


About The Author

Written by Mike Taylor - Mike has a background in HR, Online Recruitment and Online Marketing and is the founder of the specialist job site

Note: You may reproduce this article in full on your web site, blog or newsletter as long as you maintain the complete author profile as above and provide a link back to
c) Mike Taylor - - 2006

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Search Firms Scramble to Hire From Advertising, Marketing Agencies

I was interviewed last week by of Christine Black of DM News about the current hiring situation within "search".

The article, "Search Firms Scramble to Hire From Advertising, Marketing Agencies" was published today and includes comments from leading employers and business owners within the search engine marketing industry.

Link to DM News: Search Firms Scramble to Hire From Advertising, Marketing Agencies


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

New Audio Recruiter Interviews Go Down Well

We have had some good feedback from job seekers and recruiters about our new audio recruiter interviews.

The fact that you can learn more about a company from an audio interview than you normally can from an ordinary job listing seems to have gone down well with both job seekers and recruiters.

The most recent interview is with Toby Thwaites, a Director at Purple Consultancy. Purple are a digital media recruitment agency, covering amongst many areas including online marketing and search. They are based in London but cover the UK.

To find out more, and to listen to the interview, visit the Recruiter Interviews page on the Jobs In Search web site.


Thursday, October 06, 2005

New Audio Recruiter Interviews For Search Related Jobs Launched

We are pleased to annouce the launch a new Audio Recruiter Interviews feature on

This innovative new service, believed to be a first in the online job board marketplace, takes online recruitment to another level in the use of digital technology.

To find out more about the new feature click here.

First Interview

The first interview is with Fiona Paice, eMarketing Manager for Search at Alliance & Leicester, one of the UK's major financial services groups. Fiona talks about the e-commerce department, what it is like to work at Alliance & Leicester and the two current vacancies within her Search team.

Listen to the Interview

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Further Interviews

Further interviews are currently being recorded which will be published shortly.

We believe that this new feature will be of benefit to both job seekers and recruiters and we would welcome any feedback you have about our new service.



Thursday, September 15, 2005

Google, Microsoft and Dr Lee

Re the ongoing dispute between Google and Microsoft the Google blog site reports that a judge has cleared the way for Dr Lee to start work.

However, it looks like there is still some more legal issues to sort out.

The entry was posted by Nicole Wong, Associate General Counsel at Google.

Link: Google Blog