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Friday, December 17, 2004

Meet Industry Experts - Rich Kahn -

We have launched a new feature on called "Meet Industry Experts".

The first interview in the series is with Rich Kahn, Chief Operating Officer, who talked to Mike Taylor, founder of

How did come about?
Prior to Blow Search I had previously been involved with developing a search engine but the operating capital costs were very high. I then came across "meta searching" where you could search other search engines without having to build your own database. This led to the idea for Blow Search.

When Did launch? launched in February 2002 with just one server online. The number of searches grew very quickly to the stage where we now have over one billion searches per month.

How many search engines do you pull results from?
When we first launched we were pulling results from seven different search engines. However, it was taking something like six seconds for the results to be displayed which we felt was far too long.

We exhibited at Search Engine Strategies in Boston during March 2003 and literally finished rewriting the code the night before the show as we had found a way of taking results from more search engines - at a much faster speed. Today we take results from twenty seven different search engines and display the results in under one second.

What are your views about the growth in the search engine industry over the last couple of years?
I don't think anyone could have really predicted just how quickly the search engines were able to grow revenue from paid search advertising.

It really has been a period of dramatic growth for the search engines, leading to the successful float of Google this year.

What are your predictions for the growth of the search engine industry in the future?
There is still a lot of growth left as according to reports we won't see full internet access penetration until 2008/2010. Therefore between now and 2008/2010 we are going to see significant growth as more and more people gain access to the internet and start to use search engines.

Will we see new search engines entering the market in the future?
I think we will always see new players entering the market. However, they are more likely to be in specialist areas rather than trying to compete against the top three search engines - Google, MSN Search and Yahoo!

What advice would you offer to someone considering a career in the search engine industry?
Search is now a multi-billion dollar industry and is growing like crazy. There are some exciting opportunities to work in one of the fastest growing industries around.

What qualities do you look for when recruiting someone for your company?
If I take the example of recruiting for an Account Management role the qualities that I look for are that the person should have a fire in their belly, a desire to make good money and an ability get the job done.

They should also be a good communicator, have good customer facing skills and have already have some previous sales experience. However, the previous sales experience doesn't necessarily have to be in online products and services as we offer some very good training.


Further "Meet Industry Experts" interviews will appear on in January 2005