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Friday, March 25, 2005

Mike Grehan To Lead UK & European Offices For WebSourced

As revealed on Andy Beal's blog site SearchEngineLowdown WebSourced have acquired the company run by Mike Grehan - Smart Interactive.

Mike will be responsible for the UK and European offices of WebSourced and will spearhead WebSourced's expansion into Great Britain and Europe.

Andy Beal, vice president of marketing for WebSourced, "Mike Grehan is without doubt one of the top search engine experts in the world. His experience, knowledge and excellent reputation among Europe's largest companies, will allow us to become the first U.S. search marketing company to successfully expand into Great Britain and Europe."

Having met both Andy and Mike I feel sure it will be a very successful partnership.


Mike Taylor - Jobs In Search

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

More Industry Expert Profiles

One of the many good things about going to SES in New York was that I managed to ask some more industry experts to take part in our interview series.

The latest expert profile on the Jobs In Search web site is with Mauro Lupi, President of the major Italian Web Marketing and Online Advertising agency Ad Maiora.

In the interview he gives his perspective on the search engine industry within Italy and Europe.

Watch out for more high profile interviews in the next couple of weeks!

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Friday, March 11, 2005

Online Recruitment - Another 10th Birthday!

I met Keith Potts from JobSite yesterday at the Online Recruitment Conference and Awards event in London.

Just as Yahoo! celebrated their 10th birthday last week at SES New York JobSite will also celebrate their 10th birthday this year.

When JobSite launched in the UK there were only 40,000 web sites on the whole of the internet and they were even offering free modems! How things have changed!

It will be interesting to see what happens in the next 10 years for both the search engines and online recruitment. I am wondering whether they will still be seen as two separate industries or whether your search engine of choice will also incorporate all job listings?

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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Fired Google Blogger Gets New Job

It seems that Mark Jen, the blogger recently fired by Google, has a new job.

According to Information Week, Mark has been hired by Plaxo Inc., the company that helps people keep up-to-date contact lists.

Jen was been hired as a product producer, working with Plaxo's engineering team.

A Plaxo spokeswoman said that Jen plans to write about the new position on his Weblog shortly.

"Plaxo has been, and continues to be a company with a progressive view of the blogosphere, viewing it as an excellent forum for open-dialogue with users of its products and services," she writes in an E-mail message.

Jen was fired from Google in late January after posting sensitive information about his first week on the job at the search-engine company, including his impressions of Google's business performance following presentations at a company sales meetings. Jen later removed some of the sensitive content from his site, but was fired anyway.

Link: Information Week

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Monday, March 07, 2005

SES New York - Great Conference!

Just about getting my time clock back now after flying back to the UK at the weekend from New York.

It turns out that SES New York was the biggest yet of the Search Engine Strategies events. Total attendance was about 6,000 which was 50% greater than 2004. Also, paid attendance was 1,734 which was 52% greater than 2004.

Also the exhibiting companies liked what they saw as 70% of them have booked space for the 2006 show already!

There was a well balanced programme with something for everyone and a great chance to meet people whose names I had seen on the forum sites and in newsletters.

All in all a very worthwhile trip which, judging by the number of people attending, showed just has quickly the search engine industry is growing. It makes you realise by listening to the presentations and talking to people that we have only just started to scratch the surface of what "search" can do for us in the future.

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