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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Fired Google Blogger Gets New Job

It seems that Mark Jen, the blogger recently fired by Google, has a new job.

According to Information Week, Mark has been hired by Plaxo Inc., the company that helps people keep up-to-date contact lists.

Jen was been hired as a product producer, working with Plaxo's engineering team.

A Plaxo spokeswoman said that Jen plans to write about the new position on his Weblog shortly.

"Plaxo has been, and continues to be a company with a progressive view of the blogosphere, viewing it as an excellent forum for open-dialogue with users of its products and services," she writes in an E-mail message.

Jen was fired from Google in late January after posting sensitive information about his first week on the job at the search-engine company, including his impressions of Google's business performance following presentations at a company sales meetings. Jen later removed some of the sensitive content from his site, but was fired anyway.

Link: Information Week

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